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By phone 607-546-5887

By email (or use the form below)

By mail:
Seneca Saw Works
PO Box 681
Burdett, NY 14818

Have a Troubleshooting Question?

Have your sawmill troubleshooting questions answered by the Saw Doctor at Seneca Saw Works, Inc. for free. If there is a need for an onsite visit for troubleshooting or consulting that is beyond the scope of what can be done through email or by phone there will be a customary charge which will be explained in advance. You may phone or email or fill out this handy form. Please fill in as much data as possible to make the process more efficient.

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Troubleshooting Input
Make and model of mill:
Approximate age of mill: years
RPM:   LH or RH
How much lead:
Horse power:
Type: electric   diesel   gas   other
How many bearings on mandrel: 2   or more than 2
Saw diameter: , number of teeth: , pattern:
Sawing: mostly hardwood   mostly softwood   half and half
Approximately how many BF sawn per day?
Saw is: heating in body   at rim
Saw runs : in   or out of the log?
Saw exits the cut: cleanly   or not
Saw rubs the log on gig back:
Saw wobbles when cool:
Saw does slow snaky weave when cool:
Other symptoms? Please include in the box below.

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